Saturday, July 18, 2009

A month has passed....

So, I guess we've been really enjoying our summer because I have not posted anything in a month! Here's a little bit of what's been going on in the Donovan Household.

Kermie has been in Pennsylvania for the past two weeks with the military (with our camera) so I do not have any cute photos to share! I will be so excited for him to get home on Wednesday and Ella will too! He has left for long periods of time before since Ella has been born, but this time she is old enough to know the difference and really LOVES her daddy! Every night at bath time I get her out, wrap her towel around her and the tradition is for her to walk to daddy, throw off her towel and run around the room nakey! Well, every night since he's been gone she gets out and says "walkey daddy". Of course she knows he's not here, but this is one ritual she does not want to forget while he's away! Ella also has a fixation with Daddy's red truck so any time we see a truck that is red or close to red she assumes it is Daddy's truck and he's on his way home! I cannot wait for her expression when he walks through the door on Wednesday!

This next week will be the offical last week of my graduate class for the summer! Yay! It has actually been a very enjoyable class and I've learned lots about Robots! There were two weeks that we had to attend class every morning and then the other two were online, so I can't complain! After this class is over I will only have 4 to go---thank the Lord! I will be sittin' pretty this time next year, but I'm trying not to wish my life away! haha

Ella and I have had so much fun this past month! We have had lots of playdates: several with Ashley and Brayden, several with Rachel and Trevor, and a few with Jackie and Ava. Ella loves to play and especially loves to play on a playground! Any time we go to a school she has to play on the play ground first... no questions asked! I actually took her to Paris Elementary this past week where I taught my first year. We met up with Ada, my long lost teacher friend, who I hadn't seen in 3 years! The year I taught there we were raising money for playground equipment, so Ella and I both thoroughly enjoyed the new stuff! We've been to the pool several times and Ella has gotten to the point where she will put on her float and swim across the pool without me by her side every step of the way.

As for school, I still have not made it back to school since last the day of the last school year, but I do plan to head that way very soon. Ella and I went to Michael's and the Parent Teacher Store to get a few things to make the room feel a little new. I'm hoping I will be able to take her with me this year to play while I decorate. We will see how that works!

Ella has offically gotten rid of the bottle (#1 on our list for the summer) and only sucks the paci in bed (#2 on our list). As for potty training..... we worked fairly hard at it for about 2 weeks and she got to the point where she HATED the potty all together! She loves panties and pull ups, but either pees on the floor or in her pull up. Therefore, I do not think she is ready and I do not want her to hate the potty! I will try again during fall break and maybe she will be ready. Only time will tell! But I am extremely proud of her for adapting to the other new changes so well!