Saturday, September 27, 2008

Autumn Fest 2008

Today we went to the Bi Water Autumn Fest and got some pumpkins for the house.  We went around this time last year when Ella was only 3 or 4 weeks old.  It was much different this time and she enjoyed it much more (obviously)!  I still remember what she was wearing and how little she was when we went last year.  It's amazing how much she has changed in a year. 

As soon as we walked in, Ella spotted the ghosts and pumpkins.  She loved them!
We went to pet the baby animals.  Ella wasn't so sure about the duck that kept moving around! She liked them better from faraway.
The bunny was much more calm.  Ella actually touched it.
It took a while, but she finally warmed up to the goat to feed it. 
After petting the animals, we went into the haunted house which was more fun than haunted.  I think she liked the dancing ghost.
While taking a hayride, Ella decided to eat the hay.  Mommy wasn't looking :)
They had the cutest little tunnel for kids to go through.  The first time through I went on my hands and knees before her and then she led me through the second time around.  She loved it!  We are definitely taking daddy back to try it out!
Here is a shot of her half way through the tunnel.

Nana was on the other side of the teeter-totter :)  Ella loved this too!
We decided to take a break from the heat and eat some caramel apples.
Ella cried when they were all gone!
While we waited for the train ride, Ella talked to the other kiddos.  

Finally, it was time to shop for what we came for... PUMPKINS!  Ella had her own bag and went around putting different pumpkins in her bag.  It eventually got to heavy for her to carry!  She was a cutie!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Stinky Virus!

Well, it turns out Ella has a "stinky" virus!  When I say stinky I mean literally stinky!  We were up most of the night last night with a fever of 103 and woke up this morning with diarrhea.  The doctor saw us around 9:00 and Ella has since taken a nap, eaten some no milk chicken nuggets, drank some Sprite with Pedialyte and been extremely grouchy!  I feel so sorry for her!  Be praying that she gets better soon!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sick Baby?

Well, for the past year Ella has never been really sick (besides a cold or two).  But, last night she woke up in the middle of the night burning up with a fever of 102 degrees.  She wanted a bottle so I gave her one and then she went right back to sleep.  She slept until 9:00 which is very strange for Ella.  When she woke up she was laying in a pool of sweat and her fever had broken. I have no idea what it is?  She ran a fever earlier this week after her shots, but last night was out of the blue.  I thought maybe it could be teeth, but I'm really not sure.  We will have to see how she does the rest of today.  Poor baby Ella!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday To Ella Chase!

Ella's friend Brayden!
Ella and Ava taking a ride.
Some of the party guests.
Ella is sharing her toys with Ava.  I think Ava enjoyed it just as much as Ella did.
This cupcake eating is exhausting!
Chewing on her new toys.  
She wasn't sure about the cupcake!
She didn't really like the party hat!
Stopping for a split second to see what we opened.
Carrying her 1st Birthday balloon around the house.
The spectacular cake Kermie made!  

Yesterday was Ella's first birthday! We were so busy yesterday and didn't get done partying until bath and bedtime, so I am just now getting to blog her birthday bash.

First of all, let me tell you that this past year has been one that we will never forget. I am sure that Kermie would agree that it has been the most rewarding year that we have had together since we have been married. There is nothing better than giving each other those proud little glances when we see Ella doing something cute, funny or rotten! Even today as I was driving home, I couldn't help but gaze back at her in amazement.  She saw me looking and smiled really big.  We are both so proud of her and are so blessed to have had a healthy, beautiful, and intelligent baby girl. We both love her more everyday and don't take a moment for granted! 

As far as the party goes... it was a hit! It took quite a bit of planning, but in the end it all worked out.  Kermie made the "faux" cake and we had yummy party hat cupcakes to eat and lots of finger foods!  Ella was a little apprehensive at first with all of the party guests, but she warmed up quite well. She was all dolled up in her party dress (which she tugged at all night). She looked absolutely beautiful and definitely looked like a one year old! She's getting so big. She started out opening her presents well, but then got side tracked with toys. Mommy ended up opening the majority and she played with them all later on. We will be finding new toys until Christmas! Ella was adorable with her cupcake and did not know what to think of it, the candle, or the crazy people singing to her.   She did eat it though and was worn out afterward!  After all the eating and mingling, we took Ella's new wagon out for a spin!  She absolutely loves it and all of her gifts!  I don't think we could have asked for a better party!  

So, thanks to everyone who helped and thank you mom for helping all along the way! Also, thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us.  It was a big day for my family!  We had a great time and I know Ella did too!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Did you know I LOVE tacos?

I caught this picture of Ella tonight at dinner.  She truly loves her soft tacos!

Pre-Birthday Celebration

Last Friday, I took off work to spend the day with Ella and my mom.  The purpose of the day was to get ready for Ella's birthday (I know I have made it a really big deal, but I am so excited for her!)  It was a wonderful day and one that I will never ever forget! 

We started our day by taking a trip to the mall where we went to get Ella's picture taken and went shopping.  When we got there it was pouring raining and the stroller was drenched!  There was actually a puddle in the basket at the bottom!  We got to the picture place and realized our pictures wouldn't be taken until 1:30, so we shopped until we dropped!  Ella got four pairs of shoes (I finally found a size 2/3 pair of Crocs!), a halloween costume and lots of birthday presents.  I guess that is what you do when you are waiting around at the mall! We definitely had fun "waiting"!

When picture time came we had no idea what was in store for us!  Ella took the first few shots in her blue outfit Nana got her and then we took some pictures in her Halloween costume!  She was all over the place (literally)!  She ran for the balls and the monkeys!  I would put her in the right spot and then she would take off!  When she was suppose to stand beside a stool or on it she was slouching or running into it!  At one point she was sticking her tongue out at the poor photographer and the funniest of all.... (which made us all cry!)  Ella tried her front roll in the middle of her photo shoot!  Ella has really picked up forward rolls in the past weeks and when you say one...two...three... she automatically bends down for a flip.  This is exactly what she did in her photo shoot and it was hilarious!  I will post pictures as soon as we get them back!  The proofs were really cute :)

After our fun photo shoot, we headed over to Toys-R-Us for more birthday shopping.  I was excited to get Ella her birthday crown and balloon!  She has carried that balloon around the house ever since! I am so excited to see how she reacts to all of the excitement this weekend!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gap Group

Tonight, Ella, Kermie, and I all went over to our Pastor's house for Gap Group. Kermie and I have been wanting to get involved in church and figured a group focused on marriage would be a good way. Andrew and Brittanie have a little girl named Chapel who is exactly 1 yr. and 2 days older than Ella. So, while mommy and daddy mingled with friends and studied Ella and Chapel played upstairs with a sitter. This was the first time Ella had been babysat by anyone other than family, so it was kind of strange! She did fairly well considering the mood she was in when we left! (not a good one) The group didn't start until 6:30 and we didn't get home until 8:30 which is past her bedtime! Kermie and I were excited to see her and Chapel play and are excited to go back again in two weeks! Yay for Ella and meeting new people!