Monday, May 26, 2008

Kermie's Birthday and Memorial Day Fun

On Memorial Day, we spent most of our time at mom and dad's house. Kermie had to work the first half of the day, so Ella and I went to Nana's to enjoy the beautiful weather. She was able to play in her new pool and she loved it. Jackie had given me Ava's old bathing suit she and I had picked out at Babys-R-Us so it was fun getting to see her wear it. She looked so cute! I tried to get a little sun since I haven't seen any in forever! Things sure do change when you have kids. It's amazing how last summer I sat by the pool with not a care in the world and this summer I will be in the pool chasing Ella around and putting sunscreen on every few minutes. I felt so proud of her today. She's getting so big and very animated. Mommy world is great, but I did enjoy the time my mom gave me to lay by myself today--thanks Nana. Here are a few pictures of our day.

This past weekend we celebrated Kermie's 27th birthday with our families. His birthday is not actually until tomorrow, so we'll have to celebrate again tomorrow! This is the first time he has let me invite people over to celebrate so I was very excited. We ate yummy food and sat around and talked like usual. I think he had a good time and hopefully everyone else did too. Ella refused to take her nap, so she enjoyed visiting with everyone and getting into everything. Her teeth still have not came through so I blame her sleeplessness and fussiness on them. I just wish they'd hurry up! Kermie ended up getting a Zune (which has occupied his attention since), a case to keep it in, some money and candy that he has already eaten! I think he did pretty good! Hope you had a wonderful birthday Kermie! I love you. I have posted the few pictures I took of the party. I have no idea why I only took a few pictures, but I hope you enjoy the ones I did take.

Monday, May 19, 2008

A night with Ella...

Tonight Kermie had to work late, so Ella and I hung out at the house. We did our usual (come home, nap, play, dinner, bath, play, bottle, bedtime) except tonight I got the camera out so I could capture some of Ella's funny moments and new adventures. I was able to get some video of her crawling. I caught her pulling up on her daddy's military stuff in the bedroom. She also looked very cute in the new pajamas her Nana bought her in Gatlinburg so I snapped a picture of her after bath time.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ella at Eight Months

Today marks eight months for Ella and eight months proves to be very tiring for mommy and daddy! While Ella is super fun and full of energy, I sometimes think she has more than mommy! Here is a glimpse of Ella and all that she does at eight months.
  • Ella crawls all over the place. I think she is in need of some knee pads!
  • Ella pulls up on anything and everything. Her legs aren't too strong yet so she sometimes wobbles once she gets to her feet.
  • Ella says "da", "ba", "ya", "na", but no "ma" yet :(
  • Ella is teething and loves to rub her tongue over her gums. She loves her teething biscuits, her frozen teethers, and Popsicles.
  • Ella is still sleeping in bed with mommy and daddy at night! She refuses to sleep in her crib. She does take her naps there though. We'll keep trying, but I refuse to let her cry herself to sleep!
  • Ella is learning to eat food with texture, but does not do it well. She shivers and gags. Her oatmeal is about the only thing she will tolerate! We'll get there one step at a time.
  • Ella has definitely developed a cute personality that is sweet, adventurous, and sometimes a little feisty. She will let you know what she wants when she wants it!
  • Ella is the most wonderful thing ever and I love the stage that she is in! She's fun and happy and mad and ticklish and loves tv and gives kisses and I could go on for days! Happy Eight Month Birthday Ella. Mommy loves you!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend

This past weekend was a wonderful weekend! We were able to celebrate Mother's Day with the family and it really did feel wonderful being a mom. Last year's Mother's Day was great because I was pregnant with Ella, but this year was so special actually having her and knowing her and her sweet little personality. She truly is a blessing and the most wonderful gift a mommy can have.

On Saturday, we celebrated with Kermie's family at Jackie and Geoff's house. Ava and Ella interacted a little more than they usually do. Ella tried pulling Ava's hat off of her head! It was funny watching her crawl around. Ava was busy walking and signing and just being the sweet little girl she is. Ella is very fortunate to have a cousin so close to her age to play with! We really enjoyed our time visiting! Happy Mother's Day Carla and Jackie!

Saturday afternoon, Kermie treated me to a shopping spree at the mall which was a wonderful treat! I got a few outfits for summer and Kermie and Ella watched me get excited about all the cute clothes! Thank you Kermie for being such a great husband! Ella you have a wonderful daddy!

On Sunday after church, we celebrated with my family. Bekah was not there due to tennis and Daniel was asleep because of a late night at prom, but the rest of us had a nice time. We ate and watched a movie. My mom is trying to teach me to cook mainly because I think she feels sorry for Kermie! I learned a few new things, but I still argue that it is just too hard to cook a meal after a day at school and tending to Ella! I guess I will have no excuse this summer! It's always nice to relax at the grandparents' house! Happy Mother's Day Mom!