Friday, February 3, 2012

Spring in February

This winter sure hasn't felt much like winter! We have only had one official snow day which only brought a trace of snow to the ground and there has been no snowmen making whatsoever. This is a huge bummer when Ella and I had planned on making an up-side-down snowman this year. And, speaking of no winter, it was in the 50s this week! So crazy, disappointing, but motivating all the same. I LOVE snow, but getting out of school in May is looking better by the day. With this being said, Kermie and I took the kids to the park here in Sadieville on Thursday to enjoy the spring like weather. Here are a few pictures I captured.

I was wanting to get a cute sis/bro shot, but no one would cooperate at all. I guess this will do since it shows the reality of the two of them!

Loving the "sneaky" grin he's got going on in this one.

My beauty sure enjoys being outside... The good Lord knows how much energy she has that needs to be LET OUT!