Monday, August 15, 2011

Preschool Update

So, in my last post I talked about Ella's first day of Preschool and how we were hoping that her second day would go okay...

Turns out when we woke up Thursday she wanted nothing to do with Preschool! She cried and cried saying that she didn't want to go anymore. Between Tuesday(her first day) and Thursday I had tried to pry as much information as I could from her about her first day and she seemed to like it overall minus a few parts of her day. I don't know if I had mentioned before, but she had woken up from her nap crying and upset on her first day. Ella has mentioned being afraid of rest time and being by herself. In result, I did not even attempt to take her on Thursday! Our mornings are hectic to begin with and leaving with her unsure is not an option!

Since Thursday, I have talked to Ella about Preschool and I honestly don't think we are going to even push the idea of it for a while. She tries to get herself excited about it, but I can tell she really doesn't want to go. I can remember my first and only day of Preschool all too well!! I didn't want to go back either. Some people probably think it is crazy that I don't send her anyway to teach her to deal with the situation, but my thoughts are much different. First of all, I could never leave her somewhere crying or even with the thought that she would be upset during the day. If I were able to run and pick her up it would be much easier. However, that is not the case. If it were Kindergarten or something else that was required... well that would be a different story. But, Preschool isn't mandatory and I don't want her optimism about school to diminish! She is super excited about coming to school with mommy and I wouldn't want anything to put a damper on what she thinks school is supposed to be! The main reason for sending her to Preschool was for the social skills she would learn, but anxiety isn't something I want her to have to deal with at the age of 3. I guess she will just have to continue mingling and socializing at Children's Church and on playdates for now! :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Preschool Woes.... Preschool Joys

So, preschool has been a pretty big "to-do" in the Donovan household for many reasons. First, Ella has lived a fairly "sheltered" life the past 3.75 years. She has not been around many kids and has only been watched by immediate family. Therefore, she has had the full attention of the adults watching her and in a sense, had full range of how her day was structured. Second, I really want her to venture out and find her own identity. With her not being around many other children her age during her day to day, she really has no clue what life has to offer her. She only knows what her parents and family teach her. In ways, keeping her sheltered like this is a blessing, but I also want her to be able to see diversity and decide for herself who she is (keeping in mind she is only 3 years old)!

On the other hand, preschool hasn't been the easiest thing for us either! I have gone through the whole grieving process not wanting my baby to become a big girl. Not to mention we have had difficulty deciding where to send her as well. With both of us working full-time, a half-day preschool was not an option as transportation would be impossible. I also didn't want to send her everyday of the week! So, we finally decided on Grace Early Learning Center which is located where we go to church. We figured it would be a familiar place and not so scary for her!

This morning was the BIG day. We had gone out to school the week before to show her her room and with a little confusion she was able to see where she would be going and learned her teacher's name. This morning when I woke her up she was a little leery of the idea. She couldn't understand why it was still dark outside (with this being the first day in 7 weeks we have woken up before the sunrise!). When she found out I was taking Grayson to Nana's before taking her to preschool she had a total meltdown!!! I knew right there it was not going to be a successful preschool day! So, I headed to mom's with Grayson and Ella in tow! There was no way this mommy was dropping off her baby at preschool crying!

So, about 2 hours later, mom called me at school (my first day mind you) saying she was on her way to take Ella to school!! I couldn't believe it and was so proud of her for changing her mind! She was proud too as you can see from her pictures!

As soon as the bell rang this afternoon, I ran out the doors to pick up my BIG GIRL! Ms. Gina said Ella had a terrific day! Other than waking up from nap scared and missing her mommy, she had a total successful first day of preschool! She is even excited to go back on Thursday!! WOO HOO :)

Here is Ella posing in front of her very own cubby!

This is Ella with her teacher Ms. Gina!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Birthday Boy Turns One

A year ago today we were welcoming our sweet baby boy into the world and now he is turning one! I knew having another child would change our life, but you really don't understand how profound the change is until it happens. The moment I laid eyes on this little boy I was head over heels and overwhelmed with love! I was so excited to be having a boy and excited to see how different it would be. Turns out... it is absolutely wonderful! Grayson is the sweetest and most content baby. He laughs non-stop, genuinely loves everyone, loves to play, adores his sister, enjoys to cuddle and give kisses, eats like it's the last time he will ever get to, sings in the most precious voice, enjoys balls and anything with wheels, can make a mess in a matter of seconds, thinks he can do everything on his own, and loves sugar (like the rest of his family!).

Today, we had Grayson's first birthday party with immediate family and close friends. We did a ball theme since he loves balls and anything in the shape of a ball! I really think everyone had a fabulous time... especially the birthday boy!

Amy Johnson made his birthday cupcakes! I knew we all loved the strawberry so Grayson got to have pink cupcakes. :) She also made him his own special ball cupcake which he thoroughly enjoyed.

I decided to put together a string of balls that showed Grayson's growth over the past year. It was neat to see it all put together today.

Grayson's Nanny, Grandbubby, and Uncle Casey were there to celebrate.

Grayson got all sorts of cute gifts, but was not into opening any of them. So... mommy got to do it all (with the help of Ella and Ava of course).

Grayson and his daddy made a fashionably late appearance for the party. We all clapped for the birthday boy when he arrived!

My Aunt Denise made Grayon's birthday shirt! She is very talented and he enjoyed showing it off!

Grayson's Granny, Papa, and Aunt Jackie came to celebrate.

Grayson's Nana, Pa, (soon to be) Aunt Jess, and Uncle Daniel all came out to party as well!

The boys enjoyed talking in the corner!

Everyone enjoyed the pizza, salad, and cupcakes!

A good time was had by all!

The birthday boy chowed down on some pizza!

Keaton and Grayson spent lots of time sitting in the ball pit!

The cupcake was his favorite part of the day!

He loved it!

He made a little too much of a mess, so we bathed him in the sink!

He loved this part of his birthday too!

The party was a total success!

Happy first birthday Grayson! Mommy loves you so much!