Friday, August 28, 2009

Is there a pause button near by?

Well, things are now in full swing at the Donovan house! We've become our usual busy selves and I do not have near the amount of time I had in the summer to get on the computer (let alone blog). We are three weeks into the school year, the kids are great, graduate school has started, and Ella is getting closer to 2 each day that passes! My how the time flies and I have to say that 2 is quite fitting for Miss Ella (although mommy and daddy will be glad to see parts of this stage fade!). Kermie and I find ourselves laughing at her more these days than ever before! She is very comical and knows she's funny. We've heard her say on many occasions, "Ella's funny!". She is also very bossy as well and much too independent for her own good. She spends a majority of her time at home in time out or being told no, but the worst part is that I think she enjoys the attention.

One of her favorite things to do this summer was to color with her dry erase markers on the easel, but for some reason we've made a digression in our ability to do this the right way. She has had the markers removed from the easel due to the urge to give herself and other household items "tutus" or tatoos. Tonight she asked for the markers and said before we could answer, "Ella color with markers. No arms." She actually was successful with the markers, but when the paint came out she decided to eat it and give herself polkadots. Who would've thought?!?

Ella constantly has boo-boos because she is the most clumsy child I've ever seen. She walks with no regard to where she is heading and frequently runs into walls, doors, you name it. And, so the obsession with her boo-boos continues and we have all given her knees and fingers and head countless, demanded kissses.

She has done an excellent job with the transition back to the school routine: being drug out of bed at 6:30, put into a much less comfortable carseat, and drug to the house of the day! The first week was a little rough, but of course she now doesn't want to leave when I come for her in the afternoon! I rarely get home by 5 because she insists on staying wherever she is! I'm very thankful for this :) Here is a picture of Ella playing at her Granny's house this week. She loves to build! Maybe she'll take after her daddy and pa! :)

Church has become a "horrible" adventure for us on Sundays. There for a while she did WONDERFUL in the nursery, but then we hit that stage when she would scream and I just cannot do that! So, this past Sunday we got to church early (yeah...early!) and she decided to take over the entire isle. I thought letting her get some energy out would help, but that wasn't the case. She and I ended up in the foyer and I chased her around for the remainder of the service. I was completely embarrassed when she opened a door and ran into children's church screaming! I guess I could have held her down in a chair, but then she would have screamed. And, then I thought about going to the car, but then Kermie didn't have his cell phone.... what's a mom to do with a crazy 2 year old? By the end of the service I was 100% sure she would be in the nursery the next week with no questions asked!

One person that Ella absolutely adores is her cousin Ava. She asks for her all the time and enjoys spending Wednesdays with her for sure! I remember always being so close with my cousins when we were younger and I am SO excited that Ella is going to get to experience that too! Her and Ava are so sweet together... running around, squealing, dressing up, so on and so on! I cannot wait for slumber parties in the very near future :)

As I have already mentioned, Ella is quite the booger. On the other hand, she is also the most sweet and adorable thing I know too! She enjoys her play time so much, but I find it amazing that she loves her "down" time equally as much! It is so fun watching her play and use her imagination. She is learning so many new things during this age of exploration. And, just like her mommy, she loves to get in some r and r! There have been many days that she has not wanted to get out of bed or has stayed in her pjs and lounged the whole day through! Oh, the life of a two year old!

One of Ella's top two things to do, other than play cooking, is dressing up. She is such a girly girl. She loves lipstick, jewelry, shoes, clothes, purses, etc.! In fact, I can no longer do my makeup in front of her because it becomes a battle of who gets the blush brush! I find her in my closet pulling down shirts or shoes, in her closet rummaging through anything that she can find, and from time to time in the laundry basket when mommy leaves it on the floor! She'll wear just about anything you give her, but her daddy's underwear are a top fav these days :)

I'd have to say, and I'm sure her daddy would agree, that Ella has been a wonderful and incredible blessing these past two years. She is the most amazing little girl and we love watching her grow and change even on those days she throws herself to the floor and pouts! Come Septemeber 12th (since her bday is on a Monday), we will be celebrating the miracle of her life with friends and family once again! Like I've said before.... "I wish I could press pause!"

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bye-Bye Summer..... Hello School!!

As summer dwindles away and the school year begins, I have become a little sad and anxious all at the same time. I am sad not being able to spend every waking moment with Ella, but super excited about teaching my new fourth graders! I have to say that this summer has probably been the best summer of my life for many reasons!

One, I got to wake up every morning to my sweet Ella!

Two, we took our first family vacation to Florida!

Three, we had tons of fun playdates!

Four, we had our fun in the sun!

Five, I did not have to move classrooms or learn a new curriculum!

Six, I made it past the half way point in my graduate school work. These are my robot campers!

Seven, Kermie finished his last 2 weeks away with the military EVER!

Eight, Ella and I took more walks in one day than most weeks during the school year!

Nine, we saw Dora and went to the fair.

Ten, we had great memories with family.

What a wonderful summer! Now... let's have just as fun of a school year!