Thursday, May 28, 2009

Daddy's Birthday

Yesterday was Kermie's 28th birthday!! It's amazing to think that I first met him when he was 16 (did I mention he was extremely cute with his long hair!?) and now..... 12 years later.... he's only gotten better looking! I wanted this birthday to be really special for him so we did about a week's worth of celebrating. 

Last Friday night after work, we went out for his most favorite meal at Jalepeno's [two cheese enchiladas with rice and beans]!  I am pretty sure we would eat there for every meal if it wasn't in Lexington!  They have the best potato burrito ever!

All weekend long (Memorial Day weekend), we worked on the house and actually got alot accomplished. I planted a ton more flowers, Kermie put up more hardie board siding, put in a new window, and even put up a new porch swing. I don't necessarily think these were birthday celebration activities, but I do think he enjoyed getting all of those things done and not having any other obligations.  

For one of Kermie's birthday presents, we put together all of the money he got from family and a little extra  for a new kayak. He has been wanting one for the longest time and it was so exciting watching him put it in the water for the first time. Ella and I love it too! He spent any extra time during the weekend on Eagle Creek. 

On Monday, we went out to eat with his parents at Cracker Barrel for a birthday lunch because they were leaving for Florida.  Cracker Barrel is probably one of his other favorite places to eat. Their italian dressing is delicious!

On Wednesday (his actual birthday), my mom and I had planned to surprise him at work with a mini party so she took Ella, pizza and cookies to the job site.  I really wanted to come, but it just so happened that I didn't get planning that day :(  He was very surprised and enjoyed the mini party!  After work, we went out for a last birthday dinner at Galvin's.  If you haven't been to Galvin's you should definitely try it... I love the eggplant sandwich.  

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Mother's Day Tantrum ! :) NICE!

So... let me take a few minutes to tell you about the past two nights at the Donovan household.

A little background info first.... Ella is becoming more and more independent.  By independent I mean bossy!  She constantly says "no" and "Ella do it".  It was cute at first, but now it is becoming a horrible habit for her.  Ella is the most sweet and loving child I know, but goodness gracious.... she's got a mean side too ( she gets it honestly - look at her parents )!  She has also been extremely whiney--- not about anything in particular.. just whiney!  I would say that in the past two weeks she has become part of what parents call the "terrible twos" only she is 19 months.  I am hoping this is a short lived stage!!!  Otherwise... HELP!  So on to our past two days!

As soon as we get home, we go for a walk.  This is definitely my favorite part of the day and Ella enjoys it so much.  When we got home today and yesterday she threw a FIT because mommy had to put her bags in the house before starting the walk!  She stood beside the car and cried "walk" until I finally pretended that I was going in without her.  Tonight, Kermie was too tired to walk so he stayed back and let me tell you she did not like that one bit.  I was actually pulling her in her wagon and the whole way up the hill she was crying for daddy (totally not enjoying the walk). Finally, when we get to the turning point she decides she is okay with daddy not walking and now wants to go to the playground.  So, she threw another fit on the way home because mommy was not up for the playground tonight (we go every night and it was a scorching 80 degrees). Concluion to this walk.....Mommy carried Ella in one arm and the wagon in the other.

Last night Kermie had bath duty.  Ella usually loves bath, but for some reason she just wasn't feeling it.  She decided she would cry the entire time.  She refused to stand up when Kermie was washing her and when I tried to intervene she screamed louder!  It took both Kermie and I to wash a 19 month old!

Tonight after dinner, we were sitting on the couch when Ella decides to take her already whiney behavior up a notch to a full throttle cry!  I do not know exactly what set her off... maybe she wanted paci or baba?.?  By the way, she is totally addicted to her bottle still.  I do not mind giving her one at night before bed because it is so comforting to her, but now she asks all day long!  She's is manipulating her mommy and daddy at such a young age!  So, baba was a definite no (she knows she gets one a day!), so we go find paci.  Well, mommy couldn't find blue paci so she has another melt down.  Keep in mind these melt downs are to the point of vomiting!  We finally find blue paci and then something else does not go her way so paci gets thrown.  Ella goes to time out.  She says sorry and picks up paci to give to her daddy.  Two minutes later... something else does not go her way... paci gets thrown... Ella goes to time out.  This child went to time out at least 6 times in a matter of two hours!  

I really hate to see her so upset, but I do not know what to do!  I hear it is just a stage they all have to go through, but I just do not understand.  Why would a small child want to cry for 2 hours straight?  Her eyes are sure to be swollen in the morning!  I think time out is working because she does end up saying she's sorry for whatever it was she did, but two days in a row of non-stop whiney, pouty, bossy behavior is just ridiculous!  I am praying she is over this in about two weeks--right when mommy gets full time Ella duty.  Nana, Granny, and Nanny--good luck and stay firm ! 

I love you Ella! :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

20 Months

Yesterday was the mark of Ella's 20 month birthday. :)  She is getting so big and acting so grown up!  Here are a few things that will help you get a better picture of Ms. Ella at this fun and exciting stage of her life!

Favorite Songs:  Happy Birthday to You, ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Favorite Phrase:  No, Ella Do It! (She's just a tad independent!)

Favorite Toys:  Minnie Mouse doll, Rileigh and her stroller, cash register, broom, balls, doll house, puzzles, blow up slide

Favorite Book:  Her Elmo book... she loves to read it in bed before we go to sleep.

Favorite Item of Clothing:  SHOES!!!!!!  She loves to wear shoes around the house.  Her favorites are her floral flats and dressy black shoes.

Sleep Habits:  Ella takes one nap a day on MOST days!  She falls asleep watching Elmo or Dora. She still sleeps with mommy and daddy at night and when asked where she wants to sleep she simply says mommy's bed :).   This girl knows what she likes!
Favorite Color:  Green

Favorite Snack:  Doughnuts (ha..what a snack), Cheerios, crackers, bananas

Favorite TV show:  Seasame Street, Dora, Handy Manny, Barney

Favorite Hobbies:  Taking walks to the Caboose, coloring, playing in the sand box

I know I always say "this" stage is my favorite, but I really have enjoyed all of the stages of Ella's life!  This one (18 month +) in particular is extremely fun and exciting.  She is putting phrases together which helps us communicate, she sings and dances, she is learning to count and say her ABC's, she is extremely affectionate, is predictable and quite bossy, she is comical, and loves to play with other children.  It is entirely way to sad to think that in just a few months she will already be 2!  

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Moon Ko Spring Pictures

We took these a few Saturdays ago at the Lexington Cemetery.