Saturday, March 27, 2010

And, the verdict is......

Ella's baby brother now has a name! After much deliberation, we have finally come to a verdict on the whole name game! So, before I fill you in on the big surprise let me fill you in on the whole process of how HE got a name.

Before we even knew we were having a boy, we had compiled a list of top names that we BOTH agreed on. If I'm not mistaken, I believe I listed these on here a few posts back. And, although we had our top name list, we continued searching for names that we liked. I found a few... Kermie found a few. I shared mine with him... he shared his with me. One of the names he found that he really liked was Wyatt. I loved it too! One of the names I found was Grayson. He loved it not so much! The conversation was over and Wyatt became part of our top name list. Then, a few weeks later, Kermie asked, "What do you think about the name Grayson?" My immediate reaction was... duh.... and... are you kidding me? In my mind, I had already dismissed the name due to the fact that I knew he didn't like it. In fact, I was gearing myself up for the possiblity of Wyatt becoming our next child. Low and behold, last night on our date night we decided that Grayson would be his name!!!! And, although we had many possibilities for a middle name, Jack was always the definite being Kermie's dad's name.

So, for those that were waiting in suspense (haha)............. Grayson Jack is the final verdict!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

We love this weather!!

So, spring has officially arrived and we are LOVING it! This weekend is a long weekend for us because of CKEA day and Ella and I had made plans to make the most of it! However, with my car still in the shop, we've had to bum a few rides! Hopefully the wagon will be back in business on Monday!

Yesterday, mom took Ella and me to the park and shopping. Ella definitely enjoyed the park and said hi to just about every child she met. Because my belly is getting a little large these days, mom took over on most of the running for Ella and such! I think she had just as much fun as Ella did!

I (yes me! I love doing that kind of stuff) finally put Ella's big girl bed together a few weekends ago, so I have been wanting to get Ella's bedding for a few weeks now. After we hit the mall for a little summer clothes shopping for Ella we headed to Target where we found the quilt I've had my eye on. While there, I also found bedding for baby boy (yes, still no name, but I think we are very close). I know it's early to get his bedding, but it was the last one and I couldn't pass it up! It works so perfect for what we are trying to accomplish in the new nursery. From the picture, you will see it is only brown and white, so I am looking to add some green and possibly yellow to it. As of now, everything still matches with the current paint colors, but Kermie and I are now on a mission to decide how we want to get rid of the pink walls and make it more unisex. I am thinking a beige/tan color with some green? Not sure yet. I am also looking for fabric to make curtains from. Kermie is going to paint a huge tree and some woodland animals on the walls to tie everything in. We are also looking for a bookshelf of some sort for Ella's side of the room, a new chandelier, and a new rug to match. If any of you readers come across any steals let me know! I'm all about bargains!

Also, I am getting ready to sell all of Ella's clothes from 0-24 months within a couple of weeks, so if you'd be interested in taking some before hand let me know! Otherwise, they are going so we can make room for her big girl clothes and baby boy's clothes!

Hope everyone else is enjoying this weather as much as we are!! :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's a Boy!

Yesterday, we went for our 20 week ultrasound although we were technically only 19 weeks. I had been talking to Ella about the doctor visit for quite a while in order to help her understand what would happen and what it meant. In fact, we were on our way to mom's house yesterday morning before school when she asked me to tell her the story about "the belly and the jelly". I thought this was cute and proceeded to tell her what would happen and how she would see the baby on the tv. She replied by telling me she wanted to "hug or kiss the tv". She really does seem to be very excited about the thought of a baby and being a big sister. She tells me all the time about all the things she is going to do to help mommy and daddy with the new baby. The only time she has gotten a little "iffy" about the new baby is when we talked to her for the first time about sharing her room.

Being pregnant for the second time is so bitter-sweet (if that's the best way to put it). I am tremendously excited about having another baby, loving another child, and completing our family, but at the same time my world has been centered around Ella for 2 and a half years now. Of course I'm hormonal, but I continue to have weekly breakdowns about feeling guilty. This guilt mainly stems from the idea that Ella is the baby and she is our world and in just a few months she will have to share all of this with someone she does not know. Crazy... yes... normal... I hear so. Mom tells me that it took me a while to get used to the idea of my baby brother, but I am so very thankful to have him! We were so close and had so much in common, so I just pray that this will be the same for Ella and her baby brother.

So, back to the ultrasound! I thought that through these conversations with Ella about the visit and the baby that she was beginning to understand a little more about how we would find out if it was going to be a brother or sister, how it had to grow in my belly, and that we would only get to see the baby through a tv. However, after leaving the ultrasound room she began to cry (partly from being exhausted) and for the fact that we did not get to keep the baby. Sad, but sweet that she already loves him so much! Her favorite part of the visit was getting to hear the hearbeat. I plan to take her to the next visit and hopefully I can record the heartbeat for her to play when she wants.
The results... if you haven't already guessed.... it's a boy! We are tickled to death and still deciding on a name. I will post the verdict once it's final and post pictures of the nursery as we embark on the task of taking down "princess world" and making it suitable for a princess and a prince!
"The Belly and the Jelly"
Ella and Daddy waiting :)