Friday, April 23, 2010


Ella and I have been going to Kindergym class every Wednesday night for the past three weeks now. Due to the fact that Ella's only interaction with other children is when she sees Ava on Wednesdays and Thursdays, I felt it was time to get social (not that she has any trouble being social!!). Plus, I think it's very important for her to start on some structured type of play and have to follow directions! I know she's only 2, but preschool/kindergarten will be here before we know it!

As a child, I was always very into dance, gymnastics, and cheerleading! In fact, they have always been a passion of mine and I loved the idea of being able to share this with a daugther some day. While I know Ella may not choose this as her "thing", I figured it wouldn't hurt to give it a try! So, I looked for something inexpensive to do a "test" run with and found out that the Pavilion offers a 2 and 3 year old Mommy and Me Kindergym class for dirt cheap!

Our first Wednesday was quite amusing! Ella immediately loved her classroom and started exploring before anyone else had entered. She's definitely not shy in that sense! During the class, Ella participated fairly well but had her occassional moments when she would excuse herself from the lesson to do something she thought would be more interesting (like walking on the balance beam or crawling through the tunnel). She did her best to keep up, but became frustrated a few times saying "I can't do it!" Some of the things they did the first class were throwing bean bags, popping bubbles, front rolls, walking forward and sideways on the balance beam, rolling down an inclined wedge, straddle position, "stretch, tuck, and roll", walking on their hands, and various fun dances! Ella didn't really get into talking to the other girls in the class, but I found it refreshing that a friend from highschool was there with her little girl! When we left, Ella practiced the whole next week. She was very proud of her newly learned moves!

I was honestly very nervous about going back the second time! I don't expect her to be completely attentive, but chasing after her in the middle of class (6 months pregnant) didn't seem too exciting! On the other hand, as soon as we got there Lerin's little girl started up a conversation with Ella and I was excited to see how the rest of the class went. Thankfully, this time they had the tunnel collapsed so that Ella wouldn't get distracted as easily! To my surprise she did not run off one time, listened to every word her teachers said, tried every move, and even got to be an example a few times! I was a very proud mommy! She was able to show off her mastered front roll, straddle position and tick tocks! During this class they learned how to do a back roll, bridge, and angel touch. When it came time to leave Ella cried and did not want to go!

Tonight's class was just as successful as the time before. She was super excited to go and show her teacher how much she had been practicing! They actually started cartwheels and the crab walk tonight which were easier than I thought they would be! She loves all of the singing and dancing and has decided that the Hokie Pokie is her new favorite song! Some of the girls went out a bought cute little tutu's for class tonight so we may have to find a new outfit for the next few weeks! :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Three nights in a row!!!

On Saturday night, we decided to go ahead and give the big girl bed a try. Ella has been sleeping in her bed for all of her naps, but night time has still been with us. I have always loved Ella being with us and probably would let her stay there forever if I could, but with Grayson on the way... it's only fair that they both be in their room since our bed is not big enough for four!! I honestly did not think it would be as easy as it has been!

Saturday night she slept until 4:30 and I heard her yelling, "Mommy, I need you!" Keep in mind that I have her baby monitor still set up so that I can watch her and hear her all night long. She definitely got more sleep than I did that first night! So, as soon as I heard her calling, I ran into there to get her, but she insisted we stay in her bed.

Sunday night was a weird night! She skipped out on nap that day due to Easter and the beautiful weather and ended up falling asleep at 5:45! I was worried she would wake up in the middle of the night to play and she kind of did!! She slept from 5:45 until about 2 and called for me to come lay with her. We laid, I gave her some chocolate milk and then she went back to sleep. At about 4 I noticed it was very wet on her side of the bed!!! I guess the chocolate milk combined with the long period of sleep caused her to leak through her diaper so we headed to mommy's bed. Once in mommy's bed she tried to wake up her daddy who had to go to work the next morning!! She wanted cartoons, chocolate milk, to play, you name it!! So, the lesson of the day came to be.... Ella either naps or we force her to stay awake past 7!

Last night Ella did really well! She fell asleep around 9 or 9:30 and slept through the night until about 4 again. She called for me to come lay with her and I did for a few minutes and then came right back to bed. This morning at about 7:00 I felt a little tug on my shirt and it was Ella coming to wake mommy up for the day!

This is a very bitter sweet accomplishment for me! I love that she can sleep in her own bed, giving Kermie and I time to ourselves and room to breathe, but dislike that she doesn't need me like she did before! She's turning into such a sweet little, big girl! Yay for Ella! :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

What a beautiful Easter weekend! We spent the majority of it outside enjoying this gorgeous weather. On Saturday, we headed over to Geoff and Jackie's house for the annual egg hunt. All the girls had fun coloring and hunting for eggs.

On Sunday morning, we woke up and Ella opened her Easter basket! She was a little bummed the Easter Bunny left without saying hello, but thrilled with all the goodies he left.

We also headed to the 11:30 service and were actually very early for a change! We even had time for a mini photo shoot. Ella loves ringing the wind chimes and looking at the waterfall.

Nana and Pa bought Ella her Easter dress which she was very excited to wear today! She stared at herself in the mirror for quite some time before we left the house!
Now that Ella is 2 and a half, we've finally figured out a Sunday service solution to crazy toddler behavior! We find a front row seat, bring lots of snacks and toys, and let her jump around and act crazy before the service starts. Sometimes she still acts crazy during worship though :) Here is her "crazy" this morning!

Since my family is out of town for the weekend and will not get to celebrate until next weekend, Daniel and Jessica came to church and lunch with us to celebrate the holiday. Here is a cute picture Ella took of them at lunch! Thanks for coming guys!

Overall, this was a wonderful Easter weekend. I am so thankful for all the wonderful things we have been blessed with in our life and even more thankful for the sacrifice Jesus paid!