Saturday, January 16, 2010

January News: Some good.. some not so good!

For those of you who do not know, my Nanny babysits Ella every Thursday while I am at work. When I was a child I loved my Nanny so much and even preferred being there than at home on most days! So, when I found out that she would be watching Ella I was super excited and felt very blessed that Ella would have the same experience I did as a child.

This past Thursday I got a phone call at school from my mom telling me that Nanny had fallen down the stairs. All mom knew was that Nanny couldn't move, Ella was upset, and my Grandbubby needed to call the ambulance as soon as someone could come get Ella. Luckily, my sister was able to go pick Ella up and I immediately went to my principal to see what my options were. Thankfully, I have one of those principals who is all about family and he told me to let Ella spend the rest of the afternoon with me at school since getting a sub that late in the day is near impossible! Bekah brought Ella to me around 12:15 asleep so I told my kiddos they had to be silent so she could nap. However, as I went to lay her down on my blanket she immediately popped up ready to go! She went to lunch with us and recess out at the playground. Not long after, Kermie came to the rescue to pick her up so I could teach the last hour. Although bringing your two year old daughter to work isn't ideal, I was very surprised at how well behaved she was! I honestly think she could go to kindergarten (with me there with her!) and be just fine at two!

After several hours at the hospital, Nanny found out that she broke her tibia right where it inserts into the knee. The doctor gave her several options one being a total knee replacement since she already had a great deal of arthritis in the knee. She chose this route, but has to wait 6 weeks for the swelling to go down and then will undergo surgery and rehabilition. Please be praying for her and my grandbubby as they deal with all the struggles that will follow!

Since Nanny is out of commission for the remainder of the school year, we are now trying to figure out where Ms. Ella will be going on Thursdays. When she was small she would go pretty much any where, but now that's not the case. So, we will see what happens with that!

On a more positive note, we are finally going to invest in a new heating system for our house! We have lived here almost 4 years in frigid winters and did not put Ella in her bedroom for that very reason! The front of our house feels about as cold as it does outside! We've put off the investment, but after deciding to stay here for a few more years until Kermie's term on the Sadieville Renassiance Board ends we thought it was necessary! Not to mention that there just might be another baby sharing that room as well (if we don't remodel)! I'm definitely not excited to be spending so much money, but so excited for Ella and baby number two to be able to play in the front bedroom! The heating should be complete by Thursday of this week !!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dress Up

My Tinkerbell on Snow Day # 2. Ella sure loves to dress up these days and makes mommy pretend too! Mommy always gets to be the prince.... lucky me!