Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ella Newborn Scrapbook Page

My friend Nicole told me about a cool site called and I tried it out today. I am going to make a scrapbook page by page of Ella's first year. This is her newborn page.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Many Thanks

I was reading up on one of my friend's blogs (Sarah) and was inspired to reflect on all the things I have been blessed with and am thankful for. No matter how big or small, these are all things I am extremely grateful for each day!

Top 10 Things I Am Thankful For

10. The Seasons: I love the change of seasons and am always ready for the next. I am thankful God placed me in this part of the country so that I could enjoy all four!

9. Sweet Tea: I have never been one to drink much other than water, but I recently got hooked on Sweet Tea. I am thankful God made the person who invented sweet tea because it is a wonderful treat!

8. Walks: This summer Ella and I have went on a lot of walks. Each time they get even better. We either meet someone new, find something we hadn't seen the time before, or just enjoy watching the things around us. She loves being outside just as much as I do and loves to stroll in her stroller!

7. My Job: I love, love, love teaching and the schedule that comes along with it! I am thankful God made it clear that was what He wanted me to do!

6. Kermie's Job and Happiness: Kermie is most definitely an entrepreneur and is extremely intelligent. He has always wanted to work for himself and to use his handyman skills. In February, he set out to do just that! We are thankful God has blessed his business! I love that he is happy and enjoys his work!

5. Animals: I love animals and especially our family pets ChaCha (my cat), Jake, and Roxanne (mom's dogs)! It is such a great feeling knowing they always love you and look forward to seeing you. I am glad Ella enjoys them as well.

4. Family/Childcare: I am so thankful for my family both immediate and extended! Ella has wonderful grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, great-aunts, great-uncles, cousin, etc! They all love her so much and she loves spending time with them! I always hear teachers at work stressed about childcare and I feel so blessed to have my family watching Ella while I am at work. There is nothing better than knowing your child is well taken care of and has fun in the process! Thanks you mom, Carla, and Nanny for watching Ella!

3. Ella Chase: I always knew I wanted to be a mommy and am so thankful I have been given the opportunity to fulfill that role! Ella is the most wonderful blessing Kermie and I have and we cherish every moment we have with her! The past 11 months have been the greatest!

2. Kermie: Kermie and I found each other at a very young age and I could not be more grateful for that. We have grown together and experienced so much. It's great knowing we have so many more years to learn and grow! If it weren't for him I would be completely unbalanced! I love him more and more each day!

1. Grace and Forgiveness: There is absolutely no greater blessing than knowing I am forgiven each day by the grace of God. While I do not deserve it, I am extremely thankful for it!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Pictures...

Family Photo Shoot

Today, we had our family photos taken by my Aunt Kim at Cardome. It was a lot of fun and she got several really good shots. Here are just a few of our pictures. I will post more as I get them. Thank you Kim and Bryan!

Hi and Light

For the past month or so Ella has been obsessed with lights. I figured "light" would be her first real word, but I was wrong... it was her second. Ella says "hi" now. Sometimes when you ask her to say it she just waves and other times she says the actual word. Ella has also said light a few times. When you ask her where the light is she looks up to the ceiling. Just wanted to brag on her latest accomplishments! I'll get it on video soon.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nanny, Abigail, and Anna

On Thursdays, Ella usually spends the morning with Nanny while I go to school. Thankfully, today was my last class! Today was an extra special Thursday morning because Abigail and Anna came to Nanny's to play with Ella while she was there. Nanny cleared off Ella's cubby hole and took her for a stroll in the dog stroller. She loves both of these things very much! Ella was a bit grouchy and clung to Nanny most of the day, but they did manage to get some cute pictures in. Abigail and Anna are really good with Ella and she enjoys their company! I love these little girls too (I always wish I had them in my class or that my students could be just like them.)!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Milk, Hot Dogs, and my Birthday Dress

At Ella's last doctor's visit, Dr. Q said we could try introducing milk in her sippy cup to make the transition between bottle and no bottle easier... so this week we tried it. Ella has already had chocolate soy milk in her sippy, but I thought plain soy might not be as fun. To my surprise she actually did really well with it and drank half of her cup. Like everything else, she tastes it, shivers, makes a face, and then goes back for more. Since Monday, Ella has had soy milk in her sippy for lunch everyday.

Another thing Ella really enjoys lately are her veggie dogs. She loves hot dogs more than anything I give her! I am excited because they are dairy free and full of protein which will be great since she doesn't eat meat! Yay for SmartDogs---mommy likes them too!

With Ella's first birthday quickly approaching, I have been looking for an outfit, a dairy free cake, and all those other important birthday details. I have finally found her outfit and am ordering it tomorrow morning. Keep in mind it will say her name, not Charolette's!

Teething, Tired, and Tattered

The past few days Ella has not been quite herself. Typically, she is very predictable, easy going, and super sweet, but lately she has been fussy, somewhat mean (she throws fits, pushes you away, etc), clingy, off schedule completely, and not sleeping at night.
The worst part of the new and hopefully temporary Ella is her not sleeping at night. It started about a week ago with what seemed like bad dreams at night, but now it has turned into hour stretches of fussiness. For instance, last night she woke up around 4:20 and did not go back to sleep until after 6 this morning! In return, she slept until 9 this morning! It was a long and uncomfortable night for both of us! I have a feeling she is teething again, but it has been magnified times ten. Everyone always said it gets easier after the first teeth, but I beg to differ.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Wedding Festivities

This past weekend was Sejla and Ryan's wedding, so our weekend was packed with lots of fun wedding festivities. Lynsie and Robert stayed the weekend so that is always fun!

On Friday, Sejla took Amira, Alma, and me to get our nails done. Later that night, we had the rehearsal at the Chapel and the rehearsal dinner at Cherry Blossom Country Club. Ella was not feeling well on Friday so she spent the day and night with Nana and Grandpa. We didn't get home from decorating the Chapel until 1:00! That's a late night for me and Kermie! The Chapel looked wonderful by the time we left and Sejla was very excited and tired!

On Saturday, Lynsie, Ella and myself all got up and headed to mom's shop to get our hair done. Lynsie, Michi, and I actually did our own, but we watched Sejla, Amira, and her mom get their hair done. Michi, DH's girlfriend, spent the day with us as well. Around 2, we all headed to the Chapel for pictures and to get ready for the big event! Ella was such a good girl while we were getting everything ready, but didn't not get in a very good nap. By the time the wedding rolled around she was cranky! Sejla looked beautiful and we were all a little emotional! I personally remember the day Sejla mentioned her and Ryan possibly dating! I knew they'd be a good match :) The ceremony was great, but I didn't get any pictures. At the reception, we ate and then Nana and Grandpa took Ella home to sleep! There were lots of sleepy babies at the Hilton! I can't believe we did two nights in a row without her!

Overall, the wedding was terrific and everyone had a great time. We are so happy for Sejla and Ryan and hope they have a great time in Mexico!