Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Potty Success: Content May Be More Detailed Than You'd Like :)

Most of you know that Ella and I tried the whole potty training thing this summer while I was home, and that the process ended in one tired mommy and a potty-hating toddler! So, my goal was to try, yet again, on Fall Break to see if she was ready. We started yesterday with no big expectations in mind...... although Ella surprised us all!

Day One: She started off by pooping in her potty first! She was so proud of herself she could barely stand it and you'd think I had just won the lottery! We were both jumping around the house like a bunch of crazies! Throughout the course of the day she peed in her potty a total of 4 times and pooped the one time. We had no accidents, but she still wore a pull up during nap time and bed time. I was pretty impressed to say the least.

Day Two: We woke up and Ella hopped right on the potty and peed! She was excited to wear her panties again and loves dumping her potty into the "big girl" potty! By lunch time she had peed 2 times and only had one small accident which was quite hysterical! We were both in our bedroom and I was laying on my belly looking up something on the computer. Ella, of course, was on my back pretending I was a horse, when I heard her say "Ella need to potty!" At that moment, I noticed my back becoming warmer by the second.... she peed on top of me! So, we ran to the potty and she finished up there. My mom had promised Ella a potty present since she had had such a good day the day before, so we were venturous and went without a pull up on. We took Elmo potty with us in case we needed him, but Ella had no accidents while we were gone. I think she held it the entire time because we sat her on the potty several times both in the car (on Elmo) and in Ruby Tuesday's and Wal-mart, but NOTHING. This evening Ella told Kermie and I she had to poo poo so she hopped right on the potty and went. She was so excited to see it that she did it again, and again, and again! We pooped, wiped, and dumped three times until she said she was finished! Each time she would say, "Ella so proud!"

I am so excited that this go at training has been so successful! We are keeping our fingers crossed that it stays this way and she sticks to it when I go back to work next week! But for now.... WAY TO GO ELLA!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Halloween!

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