Friday, November 18, 2011

New Addition

Tonight, we brought home the two newest members of the Donovan Clan courtesy of the Southern Elementary PTA. Welcome Goldie and Nemo!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Mrs. Know-it-All

Ella is one of a kind and on many occasions "Mrs. Know-it-All." I have always loved her personality and the fact that she is outspoken and curious about everything!!

Well, today when I picked her up from Mary Susan's house, I was informed of an incident at the lunch table. This is me paraphrasing what Mary Susan explained. So here goes:

Mary Susan (to all of the children at the lunch table): You have to eat your green beans in order to get your cookies.

Ella: I am not eating my green beans. I don't like this kind (Mary Susan tried a new kind this week just because Ella didn't like last week's version.).

Mary Susan: It is important for us to eat our green beans. Did you know that there are children who don't have enough money to eat any food at all? We need to be grateful for our green beans.

Ella: Actually, my daddy gives money to those people so that they do have money for green beans.

What a ham!!! Lord help us when she is a teenager :)