Thursday, December 29, 2011

We decided to go.

Kermie and I had been talking about possibly taking a small trip after Christmas at some point, but never really decided on anything certain. So, the day after Christmas we were still pondering when and where this trip would be. All we knew was that we had a week together and wanted to do something fun, but inexpensive.

After lots of internet searching, Kermie discovered that it was Military Week at the Columbus Zoo (which we had been wanting to visit for a while now). And, after snagging a good hotel price on we decided Columbus was our destination. We left Monday morning (actually by the time we left town it was more like noon) and arrived in Columbus by 4 o'clock ish.

After settling in to our hotel and walking the mile of pedways to get there (The first picture is Ella in one of the three pedways we took from the parking garage to our hotel.), we thought what better way to spend our first night than a free night at the Zoo to see the lights.

The zoo put the Southern Lights to shame! Every single tree was wrapped in lights and it was so magical... even two days after Christmas!

On our way back to the hotel, we noticed this building which stood right beside ours. It made our night even better!

The next morning we headed out for the COSI Museum since we knew rain was the forecast. This museum was awesome and our favorite part was the Space Tunnel. We attempted to take video of it, but all you hear is us laughing and see nothing but black. It was quite the experience. For all of you teachers, they do give a teacher discount which is better than the military discount. :) Go teachers!

Kermie totally kicked my butt at the balance test!

This is what I walked out of the shower to the next morning. They love each other on most days. :)

We chose the coldest day of the week to head back to the zoo for animal sight seeing. And, while it was cold (a mere 32 degrees), it was the absolute best zoo experience we have had! Not only was it free again, but we had the entire zoo to ourselves minus a family or two.

Grayson was not in the picture taking mood.

Colo is the oldest living gorilla in a zoo! She is a great, great grandmother. :)

After the zoo, my brother and his fiance took us out to eat at Outback via Christmas giftcard. Thanks guys! It was yummy!

Today was our last day in Columbus, which has turned into my new favorite city by the way. We woke up late, took our time getting ready, and headed out for the North Market. This place was terrific in that I was able to get some yummy Mediterranean food, Ella and Grayson got Italian, and Kermie ended up with Vietnamese food for lunch. After lunch, we indulged in some Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream.

Before we left town, we knew there was one last stop we wanted to make.... German Village. And, if there is any one town I think I would feel right at home in, it's this one! I love the cobblestone roads, small (or at least some of them) older houses, and character everywhere you look. One day.......???

I am so glad we decided to go!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

And, we're back!

I have really gotten behind on my blogging this past month. And, I guess it must have something to do with being completely and utterly too busy!

Since my last post, we have had a wonderful Thanksgiving...

This is Ella and her daddy in the van in between Thanksgivings. We were letting Grayson get his nap in :)

Put our house up for sale... again...

Met the newest addition to our family, Mr. Kayne Richardson (who has stolen my heart)...

Watched Ella perform in her very first Christmas program at church...

Survived through a horrible stomach bug...

And, made lots of fun memories in between (One being tonight at the Southern Light's when Grayson and Ella were totally amazed at the lights. Grayson definitely called everything with lights on it a "Twee". Precious).