Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Be My Valentine

This Valentine Holiday was a very special one for many reasons:

1. I was able to have 3 valentines instead of 2: my terrific husband, sweet Ella, and adorable Grayson!

2. I was able to spend a weekend away with my husband and great friends.

3. I finally got the camera I have been wanting for what seems forever!

4. I received roses again. :) Kermie has never missed a flower occasion since we have been together (pretty good considering that is approximately 12 years now).

5. I watched Ella adore her daddy as he showered her with flowers, candy, hugs, and kisses.

6. I snuggled my sweet babies and LOVED every moment.

Hope everyone else enjoyed their Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Growing Leaps and Bounds

Today was Grayson's six month check up with Dr. Badger. Luckily, today was also a snow day so I was able to move his appointment up and take the kids out for lunch. Ella loves eating at restaurants, so she was very excited about that! These are the pictures I was able to snap at lunch, including our "french fry smiley guy."
After lunch and a little ice skating on the parking lot, we headed over to Georgetown Pediatrics for our "dreaded" check up. Grayson did great with his finger prick, but definitely cried a little with his shots. He ended up getting a total of four since I decided on getting the first dose of the Flu shot. Ella, who was supposed to be his cheerleader, ended up crying too because she could not stand that he was hurting! Poor babies! On the other hand, he is growing leaps and bounds. He weighed in at 18 lbs. 12 oz., measured 26.75 inches, and measured 46.5cm in head circumference. That puts him at > 75%, <> 95%. What a big boy! Here is a cute picture of Ella and Grayson on the table.
After our appointment and visit with Granny, we headed to McDonald's for a vanilla cone! These are Ella's absolute favorite and she deserved something special for being such a big girl today.
Here are a few tid bits about Grayson at 6 months:
  • He loves his bottle still and loves baby food almost as much! He is down to four bottles a day (7 to 8 oz. each). He eats breakfast and dinner so far which usually consists of cinnamon raisin granola and either a vegetable or fruit for dinner. He loves pretty much all baby foods other than bananas! I couldn't believe it!
  • He is becoming very active! He loves his exersaucer, his playmat, bouncy chair (still), and rolling around on the floor with toys. He tries his hardest to sit, but usually topples after a few seconds. He's got lots of body fat to balance!! :)
  • Grayson babbles all day long! He is beginning to make simple phoneme sounds, but hasn't conquered the "mama" I've been longing to hear.
  • He is still the happiest baby I've ever seen and absolutely adores his sister. She is his favorite person and he will laugh at her all day long! She adores him just as much and has turned into the perfect big sister minus a little roughness.
  • Grayson is still a terrific sleeper at night and is finally starting to get into a good nap routine during the day. He usually takes 3 naps a day, but they are never really a consistent length. I won't complain since he lets me sleep at night!
  • He is the newest love of my life and I just LOVE having him as my sweet baby boy!! :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Check out this babe!

I was so excited today when Ella decided to get her hair cut!!! She has been on a long hair kick for a while and has been growing her hair out for several months without a trim. Her daddy and I, on the other hand, love her hair short and have been trying to tell her how cute her hair would be if we cut it a little. So, she decided that today was the day and the outcome was terrific! I love you Ellie Bellie!! :)