Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Love You

One of the phrases I have been hoping Ella would learn how to say is "I Love You" because I tell her a million plus times a day and to hear it back would just melt my heart. So, sparatically I ask her "do you love mommy" and earlier this month she would reply "mommy" which in her language means yes. Then at some point last week I asked "her do you love mommy" and she said "yes" which is an even bigger step. I guess it was over the weekend or towards the end of the week when she actually put it all together and decided to say "love you mommy" and then put her head on my chest and said "awww"!! Tonight I called her from school before my graduate class and she said "love you mommy" several times during our crazy phone converstaion.  My heart has definitely melted.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our Beautiful Day

All week long I have been extremely excited about this weekend, mainly because of the weather and the fact that we have absolutely nothing going on.  I figured it would be the perfect time to get a few things done to the house that need to be finished.  

Kermie, Ella and I all woke up this morning (to no alarm clock) and  made plans to spend the day working outside because it was gorgeous.  Just as Ella and I were getting out of bed, Kermie headed to Lowes to pick up a few things for our day of work out in the yard and returned with a turtle sand box for Ella.  She absolutely loved it!  I think her favorite thing was hiding her feet and then finding them.  She kept saying "Daddy, touch it!"  The sandbox was a wonderful distractor so that Kermie and I could get some things done without Ella running away!

Before 11 we had already moved all the fire wood to the back of the house.  I learned how to use Kermie's cement board cutter and enjoyed getting to help him with the siding.  While he was hammering away, I planted two new shrubs where the fire wood use to set.  It will be wonderful when the side of our yard is usable once again. :)

Around Ella's nap time, Kermie took her in for a quick bath and let me stay outside to enjoy the sunshine!  It was amazing.  I was able to read a few magazines and got to soak up some sun.  I can't remember the last time I actually set out in the sun!  When I came in Ella was asleep and Kermie was on his way :)  

We decided to go to church tonight so that we could work outside again tomorrow, but neither of us actually got to enjoy the sermon!  Ella was too loud to keep in the sanctuary and when I took her to the nursery she was not having it.  I think coming back to Southland has made our successful nursery visits obsolete.  First of all, she is not used to being left with anyone other than family, we have not been consistent in our attendance, and she is having her first major bout of separation anxiety.  I guess I will have to start staying for a while with her until she becomes familiar with her new surroundings.  

After church we headed to our old favorite, Jalapenos, for dinner and then took Ella to Triangle Park to see the water falls.  She loved the falls and danced around for quite some time.  

Weekends like this one make me so thankful for the sun, my hubby and sweet Ella.

A Day in the Life of Mommy

I figure since the end of the school year is just about over.... it's about time you guys get to see what I have looked at Monday through Friday for the past 9 months.  So... I decided to take a few snap shots of the girlies I work with and my homeroom full of 30 cheerful fourth graders! Keep in mind I see another 90 fourth graders throughout the course of my day!  When I told my kiddos they were going to be on Ella's website they were thrilled!  I will definitely miss these children and the dynamics they brought to our class!  Thank you God for keeping me patient :) !

He begs to have his seat attached to my desk!  :)  I guess he knows what's best for him!

Mrs. Crum our fourth grade Special Education teacher.  Mrs. Hoskinson our fourth grade Reading teacher.
Mrs. Gillespie our fourth grade Social Studies and Practical Living teacher.

Mrs. Brown our fourth grade Science teacher.

Only 5 and 1/2 weeks left until summer break!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

Dear Jesus,
  Thank you for loving us so much!  We love you and are so thankful for all that you have done for us.  We were so happy to be able to spend time with our family but more importantly to celebrate your life, death, and everlasting grace.   
The Donovan Family

Easter this year at the Donovan household was action packed!  The Easter Bunny even came to Sadieville a little early to give Ella her gifts.  She enjoyed pulling out all of her gifts and wanted to stop and use each one!
On Saturday, we took Ella over to Ava's house for a little Easter fun.  The girls went on an egg hunt, colored their own princess eggs, and played nonstop.  

On Sunday, we headed out to Stamping Ground for an Easter Egg Hunt at my uncle's house.  Ella had a lot of fun playing and Kermie and Bekah had just as much fun hunting for Ella's candy!

A quick picture just before church... it was too cold to take her coat off, but she will be getting her pictures taken in her dress this weekend so I'll post them as soon as I can :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Break

So most everyone knows that I LOVE being a teacher.  I love the job itself, the kids, setting and reaching goals and the relationships I get to build with my kiddos.  After being off this week, as with all the other breaks I get,  I have an even greater appreciation for my job!  

Ella and I had a really great time together this week and I am thinking she may have a little trouble getting back into routine next week considering we have stayed up WAY past our bedtime every night, slept in every morning, have had no agenda, took naps when we felt like, played to our hearts content, snuggled, and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!  

On Monday we played around the house and took some walks (althought I don't remember exactly)!  We love to walk around town and have mini photoshoots!  I cleaned the house which is nice because I normally try to fit it in on the weekends or at night when I get home.  There is nothing better than having an entire day to clean! Nana also came by on her way to work like she usually does :)

On Tuesday, Jackie and Ava came over for a playdate in Sadieville.  

On Wednesday, Ella, Nana and I went to the Fayette Mall for some much needed shopping!  I did not get any pictures, but can tell you we shopped until we dropped.  Ella got a new polkadot rain coat, a dressy coat for Easter, and a few things for her Easter basket.  Nana got a cute purple sweat outfit and some shorts.  Mommy got two sweatsuits, an outfit for Easter, and a raincoat.  I also stopped by Between Friends to pick up a monogrammed shirt I had ordered for Ella. We were all exhausted on the way home!
Ella, Shelby, and I headed to Jackie's house for a playdate on Thursday!  "Ella is my best friend," said Ava. I'm sure if Ella could string together all of those words she would say the same :)

Anna and Abigail came over Friday for a playdate.  We did all sorts of crafts and then Kermie took us all to Gattitown for lunch and games!  After Kermie left for drill we headed out to eat with Granny and Papa!  

What a great week!  Only 9 left until summer officially begins :)