Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Part One

On Sunday evening we went over to Ella's Aunt Jackie's house to do part one of our Halloween Celebration.  It turned out wonderful especially with the weather being so nice.  There were not too many trick-or-treaters which made it wonderful with the girls.  They rode in the wagon and went from house to house loading up on the candy.  Most of it was eaten along the way.  My family and Kermie's family were all there and I think we all had a really good time!  I hope to make this a yearly tradition.  This weekend we will trick-or-treat here at home and pass out candy!  Ella will get to dress up twice this year!! :) How fun!

Daddies and Babies :)
The runaway butterfly!
Butterfly Princess and Snow White Princess :)
Mommies and babies 
She's adorable!
Granny, Jackie, Geoff, Mommy, Ella, Ava, Nana--troopers :)
The Grandpas passed out candy!
She loved her sucker!
The Donovan's.
Can I please eat my Whoppers?
Ella's first trick-or-treating house!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Day

Well, today Ella and I went over to Nicole and Bailey's house for a playdate.  The girls played with Bailey's cool toys and then we went to eat at a mexican restaraunt.  The girls were really sweet together.  They both devoured the gold fish at lunch and by the time we left Wal-Mart they were waving bye and giving kisses.  I wish we could get these two together more often. They are the same size and are doing almost the exact same things.  I think they could be good friends!  :) Thanks for having us over Nicole and Bailey!!

So, Ella's daddy is crazy!  And, Ella has taken after him!  While her daddy took a bath, Ella got a new hair do!  Don't you love it???  She sure does! :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Day with Daddy and Evan's Orchard

Kermie took a day off of work this week to hang out with Ella.  They decided they would go to the mall and play with the other little kids at the indoor playground.  Kermie said they had a really good time and she loved all the kids and was even a little rough with a few of them!  Ella sure does have a good (and very brave) daddy!

Ella and I went to Evan's Orchard today with Ashley, Drew, and Brayden.  It was a lot of fun and of course it is always nice to see good friends.  Brayden was a perfect little angel and Ella was everywhere.  We ate caramel apples and got some cute pictures.  I even found Ella some neat little clippie bows too.  I love, love, love this time of year!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Checking in at Thirteen Months

It has been a while since I have done a blog about Ella and everything she is doing, so I thought I would do one today since she is definitely doing a lot of different things!

Age:  13 months

Weight:  right around 20 lbs.

Height:  still short :)

Favorite Toys:  balls, purses, anything that stacks, buckets to put trinkets in

Favorite Books:  Ella LOVES books now!  Her favorites are her magnet book and all the books that are pop up or have flaps.  She has torn many of them off.  She brings her books to us and sits to read.

Favorite TV show:  Elmo!!!!!!  She has millions of Elmo movies now :)

Favorite Food:  Spaghetti, hotdogs, chili, ketchup and french fries... she likes all food, but those are probably her favorites!

Favorite Drink:  tea (so bad I know), milk, and water

Favorite Place to Be:  Outside on a walk-- we go every afternoon and she gets her stroller ready for me!

Words She Says Most Often:  dada, mama, chacha, cat, dog, fish, shoe, book, baba, pass, pa --  She says other words, but those are the ones she says on demand (usually) and the most often.  She's been a little lazy with talking and more active with her babbling!

Things She Doesn't Like:  not getting her way, strawberries, diaper changes

Things Ella Likes to Do:  front rolls, jumping (on the ground and trampoline), feed dogs and cats, play in the mulch, give hugs and kisses at night night time, shake her head no, play peek-a-boo in the car, play in the trash cans (which she goes to time out for on a daily basis), eat twizzlers

Things Mommy Likes the Best About 13 Months:  She can walk on her own which makes transitions from the car to the house much easier.  Morning time- She wakes up...looks at mommy... asks for a baba...drinks it...follows mommy around the house until it is time to go. Bedtime- She cuddles with mommy everynight.  She gives kisses and hugs and falls asleep rubbing me!  Bathtime at this stage is hilarious!  She splashes every where and slides down the slope!  She says and does the craziest things.  I love that she communicates with us now.  The best thing of all though is that I can tell more than ever how much she loves her mommy and takes in "almost" everything I say and do!  I love being her mommy.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Disney World

We had a wonderful time in Disney World.  Here are some of the pictures that tell the story of our vacation best!

Ella loved the wiggly dolphin!
Shamu can do front flips!  We got wet :)

Looking for the animals... and Ella's missing shoe :( oopps

There's the Manatee, but no shoe!  
Feeding the dolphins at SeaWorld.  Mommy's favorite thing of all!
Petting the stingrays at SeaWorld.
Pa and Nana at Downtown Disney.
Downtown Disney!
The crew eating!
Aunt Bekah and Ella at Planet Hollywood!
One of Ella's many friends while we were away.
In the water....again!
Playing in the pool at the resort :)
Ella was obsessed with any bird we saw!
The Nemo ride was cool, but the aquarium afterwards was even better!
Waiting to eat German food.  Ella was not a happy camper!
Shopping late one night.  The sales clerk was trying to keep Ella entertained!
Nana and mommy braved the rain.  Mt. Everest is fun even when you are getting wet!
Not real sure about this guy at Animal Kingdom!
On the bus.  Ella is flinging her passy!
Caught in the rain... Ella has a beautiful poncho!
She has a sweet tooth like her mommy and daddy!
In front of the castle.
She loves, loves, loves water!
Ella wanting to drink the water in Magic Kingdom! Yuck!
Ella kissing the balloon Pa bought her when we got to Magic Kingdom.
Nana and Ella in front of the fountain at our hotel.  Ella wanted in the water.
Mommy and Ella at Rainforest Cafe.