Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Night at the Mall

Kermie has been really random lately with all of his requests... Gatlinburg on Saturday night (that we didn't agree too), Pavilion on Sunday (during Ella's nap time)....tonight's was that we go to the mall to walk since it's so cold outside.  Ella and I were both excited about this one so we headed out around 5!  We ended up eating at the Food Court, letting Ella play (we actually saw Corrie from church with her little girls) , and then did a little shopping before we left.  It was a great night!!

It was hilarious watching Ella stare at this little girl!!
She has no fear of other children or the bottle!
Daddy trying to get her to sit still!

I have been really horrible at putting pictures up let alone posting anything at all so here are some pictures from the past month or so that I meant to get on here!

Cute Brayden and Ashley during a visit to Georgetown.

Mommy and Ella
They are getting to spend so much time together!  It's wonderful :)
Daniel's 22nd birthday bash :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Donovan Household Update

So, it's been a while since I've posted anything.  As a family, we have been extremely busy... or at least it feels like we have!  Fourth grade is crazy this time of year with at least twenty new portfolio pieces to read each night on top of all the other papers and grad school has required a little more of me the past two weeks as well.  I think I'm getting caught up!!  Kermie has been busy with the military and his business.  And, Ella is busy wanting to do anything and everything!!

This past weekend was wonderful on a more positive note.  Kermie, Ella and I stayed home ALL DAY Saturday.  We took naps, cleaned the house, played outside... it was great!  We actually did go into town for dinner though---- we picked up Cracker Barrel, rented a movied and head right back home! On Sunday, we went to church at Southland.  (Another huge deal in my house at the moment.)  We cannot decide where we are suppose to be as far as church goes.  We had been going back to Grace and enjoy it, but we also love Southland so much too.  This weekend was the first weekend we had attempted taking Ella to the nursery at Southland.  She did wonderful!!! We were both so proud! :) 

Other than this there is not much going on around here.  I am excited to be planning vacation this summer.  We are still not sure of the exact week and location because of Kermie's drill, but we know for sure we will be at the beach some where!  I know Ella will love it!  Also, I am really looking forward to warm weather!  Ella and I have been on our regular walking kick and she cries to go "stroll".  We have the best walks and time at our park.  Dear God bring on the warm weather and let it last!!!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Missing Dada...

So, Kermie has been gone for a week now.  Ella and I are really missing him.  We have done everything under the sun to keep ourselves busy, but we are running out of ideas!  Ella sees people that resemble Kermie and she calls them "dada".  She lays on his pillow at night and kisses it.  She see his soap in the shower and says "dada's".  Everything is "dada"!  I am glad he has been able to help, but (being the selfish wife I am) I'm ready to have him home again! Hopefully sometime this week!!