Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our Baby Girl is Turning TWO!

We can't believe it... but yes it's true.... our baby girl is turning TWO!!

This year, Ella's birthday fell on a Monday (today), so we decided to have her party the Saturday before at her Nana and Pa's house. It's hard having a large family and small house, so we needed the extra space for sure! Ella had a lot of fun playing with friends and family at the party and other than a couple of trampoline blunders.... it was a blast!

As you can see, Ella had a Minnie Mouse party this year. A super nice lady off of made her dress. Ella loved the dress so much that the day we got it in the mail she said, "Beautiful dress Mommy!". She wore it around the house dancing and prancing and even let me take a few snap shots!

Ella enjoyed playing with all of her friends and family... although the thought of sharing "her" toys at Nana's house wasn't her favorite aspect of the day! But, what two year old likes to share?!?

So I've been joking with Kermie about having to buy a new house because all of the new toys do not fit in the existing one!! On the other hand, we finally got everything put away and organized Sunday night. We actually ended up getting rid of old toys by taking them to all of the babysitters' houses. I think they will enjoy having more choices and Ella may actually get to play with everything at our house. She is definitely in to pretending at the moment, so her kitchen and dress up gear were right up her alley!

I was so excited to have Amy Day make Ella's birthday cake this year. I knew I wanted to have one made instead of tackling that on our own this year, so when I ran across some of the pictures of cakes she had done I called her up immediately! I really think the cake turned out perfect. Ella was so excited about eating it; she chose cake over opening presents!!

I seriously thought Ella was going to cry during the Happy Birthday song! She normally loves this song and says "again!", but I think she was just a tad overwhelmed!!

Once the singing was over, she couldn't wait to blow out the candles again and again and again! This is actually something we do quite frequently at our house, but typically we just light a lighter, sing, and then she blows it out! She has birthdays all year long! haha


We were so excited for Lynise and Robert to come spend the weekend with us and I know for sure that Ella enjoyed it just as much! She has talked about Emmie all day long and wants her to come sleep in her bed again. Maybe one of these days they will move back (just a small hint!).

I know going to the doctor for a 2 year check up isn't the best way to spend your birthday, but that's what we ended up doing today. Dr. Q says Ella is growing wonderful and Ella did much better with her shots that the last time! Although she did tell the nurse to stop a few times! She has once again fallen below the average range for height at 33 inches and below average for weight at 24 pounds. The only thing that we can always count on being consistant is her large head..... she's 89th percentile! Ella's daddy saved the day by showing up at the doctor's office to rescue Ella from the pain. He brought her two roses and a balloon and took her to eat Chinese. What a sweet daddy and perfect way to top off her birthday!