Monday, June 21, 2010

Grayson's Baby Shower

Ella in her "Princess" dress that she just had to wear mid-shower and present bow in her hair!

Grayson's adorable cake!

Ella helping open presents :)

Me with the terrific hostesses! :) Thanks a bunch girls!

This past weekend we had a baby shower for Grayson at my parent's church. My sister-in-law Jackie and BFF Ashley threw me a shower in honor of our new baby boy coming the first week of August! The shower was beautiful and everyone who came seemed to really enjoy themselves... how could you not when the food was delish and company was so great!

When I first thought about the shower I hadn't planned to bring Ella due to it being at nap time and her being in her prime tantrum phase and all, but then decided to let her come and enjoy some of the celebrations for her baby brother. To put it simple... she had a blast! One of the biggest issues right now is making sure Ella doesn't think that life from this point is about Grayson, but wanting her to enjoy his arrival and her being such a big girl and huge helper! She received quite a few presents, one being a dress that mom bought and she insisted on wearing and even a book that was created especially for her about being a big sister. She enjoyed every last minute of it! :)

Due to the fact that I did not have a boy the first go around I was a little worried about having enough clothes for Grayson, but my fears were relieved after opening a ton of clothes!!! He will for sure be one well-dressed little boy! :) Now just to figure out where all of his gifts will go! The majority of them are still in my car because the nursery is a wreck at the moment. We are hoping to have it completed for the most part by the end of the week. I will be sure to post pics as soon as it is finished! :)

Yay for Grayson joining our family in six more weeks!! :) We can't wait to meet him!