Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pulling Up and Strangers

Ella is in a phase right now where she would much rather pull herself up to a sitting position or standing position (with the help of someones fingers of course) than roll over at all. I know she can roll over because she has done it many times, but all she ever wants to do is sit up (almost all by herself) or stand. If this is any indication as to when she will walk or stand, it will more than likely be early! But you never know! It is amazing how strong she is getting.

I never thought the day would come when Ella would prefer one person over another being that she is always around people and has up until this point been very pleasant around all sorts of strange people. But the time has come for her to know who she wants and who she doesn't or at least know who she is used to and who she is not used too. In fact, at my mom's shop the other night one of her clients was holding her and when Ella saw that it was not her Nana who was holding her she made the most pitiful face and started to cry! This is not the first time she has been caught off guard by a strange face! Once again it is amazing how much she is learning and how her personality is beginning to develop.

Here are some recent pictures of Ella. And, by the way, I was never able to scan the Portrait Innovation pictures onto the blog. For some reason it would not upload those pictures:(

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Big Weekend for Ella !

This weekend was a BIG one for Ella. She tried rice cereal for the first time, she tried playing in her exersaucer for the first time, and she had her pictures taken at a studio for the first time.

Kermie and I decided to try rice cereal on Saturday morning. Ella did really well with it and as you can see from the pictures the majority of it was on her face. This was the practice round. She has done much better since :)

We have been waiting for that four month mark to try out her exersaucer and Ella loved every minute of it. She, of course, has no idea how to turn herself around or bounce up and down, but loves looking at the toys and listening to the sounds they make. She wants to eat everything on it, but has a hard time reaching things right now. One of the toys that is attached was also her playmat, so I think she was excited to see it from a different perspective. She got so excited when I turned it on!

Ella had her pictures taken at Portrait Innovations on Saturday. First of all, the place was a zoo full of kids, but Ella's pictures turned out so cute. They were a little late taking us back so Ella was very tired! We were so proud of her for being a good sport though. I will post those pictures as soon as I get them scanned in.

Here is an extra picture of Ella and I at her Nana's house this week :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

roLLIng oVEr . . .

Today at my mom's house, Ella rolled over for the first time. She has been trying to roll over for a while now, but today she did it very unexpectedly. She was on her tummy and I was holding a tennis ball above her head and she followed it all the way until she rolled to her back! Mom and I both screamed and she probably thought we were nuts (as usual). She hasn't rolled over since, but I'm sure she will get the hang of it very soon! Yeah ELLA :)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy Four Month Birthday Ella Chase!

Today is Ella's four month birthday! I just cannot get over the fact that she is already four months old and getting bigger every day! Her daddy and I are so proud of the sweet, little girl she is becoming. I honestly never knew being a mother would ever be this much fun. Each day it gets better being able to watch her learn and discover new things.

Ella had to go to the doctor for her check up today. Dr. Q said she is growing wonderfully and is right on track. She weighed in at 13lb. 11.2oz. and was 25 in. long. That makes her 50% for weight and 75% for height. I'm not sure that the height is accurate since her head wasn't at the top of the scale, but maybe :) Dr. Q also said she can start rice cereal anytime now. Here are a few recent pictures of Ella at four months old.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Favorite Cousin's Birthday!

Today was Ava's first birthday party and it sure was a good one! Ava seemed to have so much fun opening all her gifts and eating her green icing cupcakes! I think Ella had fun watching all the excitement. The two of them are so cute together! It is crazy to think that Ava is already a year old. We found out we were pregnant with Ella this day last year right before we went to see Ava in the hospital! Time sure does fly by and it looks like Ava will be zooming right past us with her walking skills very soon! Yeah for Ava! Here are a few pictures from the party.

A little update on Ella Chase: Her naps are getting better! At home and now more so at everyone else's house she is taking at least three naps a day. Sometimes her naps are 45 minutes, but others are 2 hours! She loves to be held tight when rocked to sleep and loves to fall asleep in the bed with someone patting her or rubbing her her face. She's such a snuggler! She is also still doing great with the soy formula! She is getting closer and closer to rolling over. She turns her body sideways and arches her back, but just hasn't mastered the skill :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

3..2..1.. Happy New Year Ella !

Every year since we have lived in this house, Kermie and I have had friends over to celebrate the new year. This year we did the same except now Ella was able to join in the celebration (until about 9:00 when she decided to go to sleep) :). It is so neat to think that this time last year we were pregnant with Miss Ella and had no idea! How amazing. This year will be a big year for her and both her daddy and I are excited to see how she grows. Here are a few pictures from our New Years' 2008 Bash!

Most of the night was spent playing Nintendo Wii and Taboo! How fun :)

We were all glued to the t.v. as we watched others take their turn at bowling, dance dance revolution and guitar hero.

Ella even got a little excitement from her bouncer that she loves so much.

Happy New Year to everyone! We pray that it is a blessed one!