Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Has it really been over a month???

So, it dawned on me tonight that I haven't blogged in over a month! There have been so many wonderful things that have happend in the past month that I honestly do not know where to start! Here are a few pictures that will get the list rolling :)

Ella was able to go to the Bi-Water Autumn Fest and Evan's Orchard several times to celebrate fall! She loved the pumpkins, the animals, and all of the fun Halloween festivities!

Ella painted her very own pumpkin. For some strange reason, she is drawn to the mini pumpkins so that is what she chose this year.

Ella was Minnie Mouse this year and a very cute one at that! She got to go Trick or Treating downtown and at home too! Her cousin Ava stopped by to show off her beautiful costume!

Ella has spent many hours outside enjoying the last few warm days of the year. She loves the outdoors and posed for a few pictures :)

This past weekend Kermie and I went Christmas shopping and decorated the house while Ella stayed with family. She was so excited to come home to Christmas! :)

Ella wanted her very own tree this year and actually had it narrowed down to a pink and purple tree. Although the purple tree was beautiful, we settled for a pink one to match her room. She is super proud of her tree and ornaments :)

One of the greatest things that happened at the end of October was Kermie's offical last day in the military. While he enjoyed his time in and I enjoyed the extra income :) , we were both relieved to know that he was finished. And, I know Ella will be grateful to have her daddy home!
Ella and potty training are working wonderfully together! She only wears a pull up at nap and bedtime. She is able to go out with panties on and she is consistent about telling me when she needs to potty! I'm so proud and so excited to not have to worry about diapers!! :)
Ella has also picked up some Spanish from Dora lately. The other day she decided she would count in Spanish... who knew???

We are all very excited about the holidays coming up! I will hopefully have a chance to post about all the fun times to come :)