Sunday, December 2, 2012

Time got away from me

I am a total failure at keeping up with this blog!  I guess with starting a new job, Ella starting school, and the hustle and bustle of every day life, time got away from me.  Therefore, the purpose of this post is going to be to catch everyone up on the lastest with the Donovan Clan.

Going back to August

Ella started school and LOVED it, up until she saw someone at school throw up and then the anxiety started in.  She became withdrawn, stopped eating, and associated pretty much everything with getting sick.  After a couple of weeks of this we decided to make a change.  Since the incident happened after morning kindergarten, we decided to forgo extended day to see if that made her any more comfortable with school.  After about a week, she was back to her old self.  In fact, she states on a regular basis, "Mommy, I am so happy!" 

In relation to Ella starting kindergarten, I am so happy about my decision to move to Eastern!  I absolutely love it there and have a terrific team and group of fifth graders.  I miss my old teammates and kiddos, but am so excited for Ella to experience school at Eastern.  It truly is a wonderful place! 

Moving on to September:


Ella turned five on the fourteenth of September!  I still can't believe she is 5!  She had a wonderful time at Evan's Orchard for her party. 

Then on to October:

The kids went to lots of fall gatherings including mutliple trips to the orchard, fall festivals, Halloween parties, and trick or treating a few times.  Fun was had by all.... especially Diego and SpiderElla! :)

And, now it's November

We were able to spend Thanksgiving with both mine and Kermie's family which is always nice.  The kids enjoy getting to see everyone as do Kermie and I.  The food isn't so bad either :)

Sometime in either October or November, I was able to snap a few fall pictures of the kids which I still haven't had the chance to print off.  Go figure! :)

December finally gets me caught up:

Ella has been surrounded by Elves on Shelves and while I wasn't going to get her one for the meer lack of time/motivation, I gave in this past weekend.  So, Sally visited us for the first time yesterday.  Needless to say, Ella was esctatic and Grayson was not too impressed.  He has already tried knocking her down with a pull up and has told us that he does not care to be on the naughty list because, "I wike da naughty list."  Lord help us all! 

And, with an attempt to make sure the kids know and understand the real reason for the season, I volunteered to be a part of A Meaningful Christmas.  Several teachers got together after making a themed ornament that goes with a specific Bible verse and then exchanged so that we all ended up with 24 advent ornaments.  We are on day two and Ella (not so much Grayson as he is usually wondering around during our devotion) has learned quite a bit.  She loves getting to put the new ornament on the tree. 


Doodles-N-Dots said...

I love the meaningful Christmas idea! I would love to see pictures of all of your advent ornaments!!

Mama Smors said...

I love the advent ornaments!!! Tula and Grayson might be 2 peas in a pod!! And keeping up with the blog has been difficult for me lately too! You are not alone (but I do love to see your posts pop up!!)